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Why IIQEDataBase Your #1 Solution

1. Strengthen Your Market Competitiveness:

IIQE exam is a compulsory exam for many job opportunities. Acquire this professional qualification and boost your competitiveness and stand out from the crowd.

2. Utilize All Your Fragment Time:

Turn all your bus queuing, waiting for friends, commute time into constructive time. Study anytime and anywhere with a hand-held and make good use of your daily fragment time. You will be amazed by how many time you can save and things you can do each day.

3. Spaced Repetition System:

We carefully structure our questions in our questions bank, so that you will be asked the similar concepts throughout the practice journey, reinforce your memory and provide an in-depth understanding of the concepts.

4. Save Your Valuable Time:

How much does your time worth? Leverage our exam tools and study efficiently, do not spend an extra dime to retake the examination.

5. Until You Pass Guarantee:

We are very confident in our service. If you don’t pass your exam after subscribing to our service or if you do not have time to prepare the exam or even if your phone has broken and not able to access our content then we will grant another round of free access for you.

6. Key Study Notes:

We highlight the key concepts usually tested in IIQE examination. Draw your attention to make sure you remember all the factual information and concepts prior to walking into the exam room.

7. Trusted By Thousands of Candidates:

Over the years we have served 14,000+ candidates to pass IIQE examination. Our tools will help you to prepare efficiently and easily without giving up all your valuable time at the weekend to prepare the exam.

8. Soft Copy Means Money Saved:

No money wasted on delivery nor printing of materials. We trust our users with high integrity and do not resell our account access. In return, we can offer a competitive and affordable solution for you to tackle IIQE exams.

9. Adhere To Exam Format:

Carefully designed questions and sometimes rather tricky. Exactly how you will confront these questions in the real examination.

10. Know Your Progress:

Ever spent over 200 hours preparing an exam and turns out it’s much easier than you think? Unfortunately, that means you have over-studied and spent too much time on it. Practice with our tools and benchmark the time required to prepare the IIQE exam with our practice questions.

11. Study At Your Own Pace:

Research shows that the best hour to study is when you are mentally prepared for it. Working 10+ hours at work and attend the evening class is definitely not effective and merely stressing yourself. With IIQEDataBase , you can study anytime with your own schedule, whenever you feel right.

12. First-Hand Information:

Exam angle changes frequently, we adopt and adhere to the examination format and provide the up to date preparation materials for you to pass in your first attempt.

Over 14,000+ Candidates Have Leveraged IIQEDataBase To Pass IIQE Exam

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Why Candidates Chose Us Over Our Competitors

Saving 1

You Save Money From Advertisement:

As you may already aware, we rely 100% on word of mouth. Therefore, no ads on Google, Bing or any social media. That means every dollar you invest today is all into the quality of practice questions and study materials.


You Can Study Comfortably:

Our practice questions and study notes are mobile responsive. Unlike other vendors offer, which requires you to zoom in and out by finger in a tiny screen, IIQEDataBase allows you to study comfortably with one hand anytime and anywhere.

Hero of Employe

You Selected The Number One Option In Market:

We are confident with our service and we are voted as the number one option in the market. Thousands of satisfied clients cannot be wrong.

Artificial Intelligence

You Remember Exam Content Better With Us:

All our questions are carefully positioned so that you will be tested with the same concept in a different angle from time to time. You solidify your concepts by confronting these questions with our study system.


You Get The Best Deal:

With the quality and quantity of questions we provide to you, we are undoubtedly the best offer in the market. Along with our 24/7/365 support, risk-free guarantee and less than a coffee a day package. Make IIQEDataBase the most trusted vendor in the market.

One Year Risk-Free Triple Guarantee

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Leverage Our Risk-Free Guarantee, After enabling IIQEDataBase:

If you do not improve your knowledge in preparing IIQE Exam;

If you do not find our service and materials to your satisfaction top-notch;

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Frequently Asked Questions

IIQE official website does not provide any past paper, we formulate our database all over the years by our exam team. Study materials and questions bank are updated frequently to ensure they are helpful to candidate.
Up to now, we have more than 2000 questions in our database, with approximately 300 – 400 questions for each paper. Please note the number of questions varies from month to month and for each paper as well. Questions may be brought down by our quiz team for update and adhere to the latest exam format.
Immediately. Once payment complete, you will receive the account password and login details (please check spam folder) and can begin immediately.

All IIQEDataBase questions are provided in soft-copy version. Therefore you may not need to pick up the papers or pay for the delivery cost. You may also enjoy our content immediately.

An account will be created for your automatically after payment and access details sent to your email (please check spam folder if you have not received them in 1 minute).

After login, please move-hover to the menu bar “Premium Access” for full access.

Please click here to reset your password if you failed to login.

We understand that you might have a very tight schedule and your examination is very near. Therefore, our system will automatically open the database for you once you have completed the payment ( Our database link and communicate automatically with PayPal ).

Please understand that once the payment is completed, you will have full access to the database and therefore, due to the nature of our business, we do not have any refund policy.

However, we will enable the database for another round completely free if you have unfortunately failed the exam.

Yes. For first 30 users purchase, all paper will enjoy HKD150 discount from HKD450 down to HKD300 only. If you purchase more than one paper or the same paper together with your friends or colleagues, 15% additional discount will apply automatically during checkout process.

IIQEDataBase provide question bank and study materials in both English and Chinese version.

We stand by our service, leverage our unconditional until you pass guarantee if you failed the exam because:

You are too busy working overtime and have not got the time to study;

You are sick on the day of the exam;

You are late on the day of the exam and cannot complete all the questions

Even if you forgot to attend the exam

We will grant you another round of access for Free based on the package you purchased within 12 months.

In the real examination, the questions changes very frequently and the size of the questions bank is very huge. Any intention to memorize the questions and answers without understanding the underlying concepts of the questions will not help you pass the examination. Besides, this will be a copyright infringement and any business that claims they can provide the same questions that you will see in the real exam will not last long and is a false claims. As such, we structure our questions to help you understand the underlying concepts so that you will be able to answer them correctly in the real examination even if the question format changes.

Certainly. You can always continue your study anytime and anywhere via any mobile devices and desktop as well.

For general questions: [email protected]

For support questions: [email protected]

Or contact your dedicated account manager if you are a premium user

Certainly, any operating system including Mac, Windows or mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android is all supported. Study anytime with ease.

Yes. You will receive our official receipt with all the payment details, i.e. date, payment amount, our brand and website url for your record.

Certainly. We use PayPal, the number one payment gateway to protect your personal information and credit card details. None of these details will be passed to us and you can purchase with a peace of mind.

Although you will not need it, but incase you are worry you will get scammed and not get what you purchased after payment, you are protected by PayPal buyer protection. Normally account access will be granted and access details will be sent to your email ( please check spam folder if you have not received them immediately). Please send us an email incase you have any difficulites of access. We will response within a few hours.

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