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Want to earn your next access for free? Earn USD100 amazon gift card? Refer your friends and colleagues via your sign up url.


New As Ambassador?

You get a reward by sending your affiliate URL to your friends and/or colleagues. You will receive 20% of all their total purchase. For example, if they purchased HKD700, you will receive HKD140. The fund can be used for your next purchase or when you accumulate USD100, we will send you an electronic gift card as cash credits in Amazon.

Only existing client can be an affiliate with us.

Some ambassadors wants to track their clicks. E.g. you can add “Facebook” in the campaign name and the generated URL will be recorded in the campaign name “Facebook” so that you will know how many clicks you received in that particular campaign.

Yes, you can check your referrals statistic at your dashboard.

The cookies last for 30 days. Please note that we adopt “last click” affiliate system. That means if a candidate has been referred by two ambassadors. The last ambassador will earn the commission. 

The credits will be applied automatically. Simple add the products you need in cart and the referral credits will be redeemed automatically. 

There’s a lot of ways to promote your affiliate url:-

  1. Write a post in your blog and recommend our service.
  2. Post the affiliate link in social media, e.g. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram
  3. Send the referral link directly to your friends and/or colleagues
  4. Promotion forums wisely (no spamming)

The sky is the limit. You can earn infinite amount of rewards either in-store cash dollar or as Amazon gift card

Not much except:-

  1. No self purchase allowed. That means you cannot refer yourself to purchase the products. 
  2. No spamming of your affiliate url

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Jodie Townsend

Jodie Townsend

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