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Happy to recommend IIQEDataBase to my friends and colleagues. It will make your exam preparation for life much easier.
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IIQE official website does not provide any past paper, we formulate our database all over the years by our exam team. Study materials and questions bank are updated frequently to ensure they are helpful to candidate.
Up to now, we have more than 2000 questions in our database, with approximately 300 – 400 questions for each paper. Please note the number of questions varies from month to month and for each paper as well. Questions may be brought down by our quiz team for update and adhere to the latest exam format.
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Yes. For first 30 users purchase, all paper will enjoy HKD150 discount from HKD450 down to HKD300 only. If you purchase more than one paper or the same paper together with your friends or colleagues, 15% additional discount will apply automatically during checkout process.

IIQEDataBase provide question bank and study materials in both English and Chinese version.

We stand by our service, leverage our unconditional until you pass guarantee if you failed the exam because:

You are too busy working overtime and have not got the time to study;

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You are late on the day of the exam and cannot complete all the questions

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We will grant you another round of access for Free based on the package you purchased within 12 months.

In the real examination, the questions changes very frequently and the size of the questions bank is very huge. Any intention to memorize the questions and answers without understanding the underlying concepts of the questions will not help you pass the examination. Besides, this will be a copyright infringement and any business that claims they can provide the same questions that you will see in the real exam will not last long and is a false claims. As such, we structure our questions to help you understand the underlying concepts so that you will be able to answer them correctly in the real examination even if the question format changes.

Certainly. You can always continue your study anytime and anywhere via any mobile devices and desktop as well.

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